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Mohamed Ali Beyhum, Delegated Board Member

Mr. Mohamed Ali Beyhum is the Delegated Board Member of SaudiMed.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Beyhum is also the Executive General Manager of BankMed, Lebanon since November 2010. He is the Chairman General Manager of MedSecurities Investment Company and serves on the boards of BankMed Suisse, T-Bank (Turkey) and SaudiMed Investment Company. Mr. Beyhum is a member of all the bank’s major committees and chairs BankMed’s management and international committees.

Mr. Beyhum managed Beirut office of Bank of New York until December 2005 when he joined BankMed family as advisor to the Executive office. Mr. Beyhum has more than 20 years of international and local banking experience as Vice President of the Bank of New York and with the Irving Trust Company in the USA.

Mr. Beyhum holds a Master of Science in Industrial Management from Columbia University.