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Saudi Oger
Founded in 1978, Saudi Oger is one of the leading regional conglomerates with a diversified business portfolio spanning Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The company’s business interests encompass in addition
company’s business interests encompass in addition to its core Construction activities, Real Estate Development, Telecommunication, Project Operation and Maintenance, Printing, Utilities, and Information Technology.
Saudi Oger has more than 30 years of professional experience in the regional and international real estate markets and is regarded among the elite regional construction companies. The company currently employs more than 30,000 individuals worldwide.

Throughout its history, Saudi Oger has grown its business organically as well as vertically and horizontally. Regarded as a natural complement to construction, the company established a dedicated real estate development division with capabilities to undertake a broad spectrum of mega urban and rural projects and to execute residential, commercial and touristic developments.In addition to real estate development, Saudi Oger has a business interest in the telecommunication sector through its Dubai-based controlled subsidiary, Oger Telecom. Moreover, Saudi Oger undertakes operation and maintenance services of private and public utilities in Saudi Arabia and the region involving water-treatment plants and sea water cooling systems. Saudi Oger also has equity interests in leading local and regional banking and insurance institutions.